Odd Couple Cast Lists

Thank you to all who auditioned. I know how much time and effort you put into your audition. You made this decision very difficult. I wish I could cast all of you! 

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The Odd Couple Technical Leadership and Crew Assingments:

Stage Manager and Assistant Stage Managers meet Monday, March 4 for After School Rehearsal at 3:40pm

ALL LEADERS AND CREW MEMBERS meet Tuesday, March 5 3:40pm fpr Informational Meeting

*PUBLICITY Leader and Crew still need to be filled!


Stage Manager

     Rebecca Graese                                                   _ 

Assistant Stage Managers

1.     Madison Swanson                                                _

2.     Jacob Foley                                                           

Properties Master(s)

1.     Harrison Hewitt                                                     _

2.    Jared Bacca                                                              _

Assistant Properties Master(s)

1.       Anastasia Malyshnika                                           _

2.       Taylor Peterson                                                      _

Props Crew

1.    Genna Palmer                    2.     Emma Wilson                                       

3.     Alex Arwood                      4.     Austyn Biairu                      

5.     Leah Biggins                                                             

Master Carpenter

     Jonah Rockwell                                                        _

Assistant Master Carpenters

1.     Ava Roethe                                  _2.     Ben Shuman                         

Carpentry Crew

1.    Michael Kidd                                    2      Danae Johnson                           

3.     Micheal Erwin                                 4.    Kiera Zieff                                     

5.      Conor Gunning                               6.     Kira Heidebreacht                        

 7.    Dot Johnson                                    8.     Ryan Lopez                             

9.     Avery McClellan                       

Charge Artist (Scenic Artist)

    Kahlan Gunning                                                    _

Assistant Charge Artist

     Brian Yang                                                              _

Paint Crew

1.    Feven Nebiya                            2.     Kennedy Rodriguez                               ­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­

3.    Emelyn Forsythe                        3.    Tessa Riggins                                        

7.      Haley Brennen                          8.     Malayne Perry                                    _

Master Electrician

_   Reilley Rapoport                              _                                                       

Assistant Master Electrician(s)

1.   Thomas Chandler                          2.     Eddie Barrett                          

Sound Designer

     Omar Abaas                                                        _

Audio Engineer

­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­     Seamus Fee                                                           

Publicity Head


Publicity Crew


Wardrobe Master(s)

1.    Mackenzie Johnson                               2.     Elaine Jackowski                         

Costume Crew

1.        Adelaide Otis                                    2.     Brandon Sarmiento                  

3.    Avery Zueger                                        4.     Cameron Mackin                      

5.     Sristi Chakraborty                                 6    Autumn Los                                 

7.     Daniella Brush                                      _

*If you have never been on Carpentry Crew before you are required to attend MANDATORY SAFETY TRAINING, following the 1st meeting.






Advertise your business in the program or write a personal "break-a-leg" message for a student involved!