Congratulations to the 2018 ThesCon Interns:

Neilan Thunblom

Jonah Rockwell


And congratulations to our 2018 ThesCon Shadows:

Alex Roberts

Harrison Hewitt



To view the Hairspray! Tech Crew, click on the file below:

Hairspray Updated Tech Crew.docx

Please report to U605 on Wednesday, Sept. 12 after school. You will be meeting until 5:30.

Technical Theater

Students in technical theater learn both the design components and the technology components of theater with hands on behind the scenes experiences.


Technical Theatre 1

Technical Theatre 2

Technical Theatre 3 (Design)


Looking for props? Check out the Prop Inventory


Scenic Design

Lighting Design

Costume/Make-up Design

Sound Design

Special Effects


visit: to learn how participating in design competitions at the Colorado State Thespian Conference could help you earn accolades and college scholarships!



Scenic Construction

Scenic Painting

Properties Construction

Electrics & Electronic controls

Costume & Make-up technology

Audio Engineering

Stage Management

CO Thespian Design & Technology

Individual Event National Qualifiers


Autumn Roberts (Lighting Design)

Kamden Heintz (Costume Design)

Nolan Westerfield (Scenic Design)


Autumn Roberts (Lighting Design)


Tara Huffman (Scenic Design)*


Grant Hague (Scenic Design)*


Alyssa VanZee (Stage Management)

Autumn Horton (Stage Management)


Naomi Gold (Technician Scholarship runner-up)

Ragtime, the Musical (Mainstage Production)

*indicates Critic's Choice

Bobby G Award Winners (hosted through the DCPA)


Sam Lee (Make-up Design, Seussical)

Matthew Shinnick, James Yeon, Chloe Carr (Scenic Design, Seussical)

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