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The Bravo class list will be posted on the Bravo class page at 8pm PACIFIC TIME. (Mrs. Lindahl is currently abroad!)

Technical Theater

Students in technical theater learn both the design components and the technology components of theater with hands on behind the scenes experiences.


Technical Theatre 1

Technical Theatre 2

Technical Theatre 3 (Design)


Looking for props? Check out the Prop Inventory


Scenic Design

Lighting Design

Costume/Make-up Design

Sound Design

Special Effects


visit: to learn how participating in design competitions at the Colorado State Thespian Conference could help you earn accolades and college scholarships!



Scenic Construction

Scenic Painting

Properties Construction

Electrics & Electronic controls

Costume & Make-up technology

Audio Engineering

Stage Management

CO Thespian Design & Technology

Individual Event National Qualifiers


Autumn Roberts (Lighting Design)

Kamden Heintz (Costume Design)

Nolan Westerfield (Scenic Design)


Autumn Roberts (Lighting Design)


Tara Huffman (Scenic Design)*


Grant Hague (Scenic Design)*


Alyssa VanZee (Stage Management)

Autumn Horton (Stage Management)


Naomi Gold (Technician Scholarship runner-up)

Ragtime, the Musical (Mainstage Production)

*indicates Critic's Choice

Bobby G Award Winners (hosted through the DCPA)


Sam Lee (Make-up Design, Seussical)

Matthew Shinnick, James Yeon, Chloe Carr (Scenic Design, Seussical)

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