King Soopers is changing  their fundraising program beginning April 1, 2019. A summary of the changes are as follows:


  1. The King Soopers Loyalty card will now be used to track dollars spent.       (No more reloadable gift cards)
  2. The percentage earned is based on the total spent by our organization in relation to all the other organizations using the program.  The greater the participation, the higher the return.
  3. Everyone needs to have a valid account to participate.


How to sign up:

  2. Log on or set up a King Soopers account connected to your loyalty card.
  3. Under the “Savings and Rewards” tab, choose “King Soopers Community Rewards.”
  4. Click “Enroll Now.”
  5. Enter code WL073 to enroll in Grandview Performing Arts.


How to receive credit for your student’s earnings:

  1. Thirty days after the end of the calendar quarter, log on to your personal King Soopers account and print a personal statement showing your reward earnings. 
  2. A copy of this statement must be sent to the Performing Arts Department with the student’s name to receive credit for the earnings.


Some items do not earn rewards including gift cards, lottery tickets, and fuel.  A complete list is available from King Soopers.


Happy Fundraising!!!