King Sooper’s Gift Card Fundraising Program

Everyone eats, so everyone buys groceries.  Why not earn money for your student(s) while you do it.  You earn 5% of the amount you buy and it goes directly into your student’s performing arts fundraising account.


How do they work? You purchase $5 cards for yourself, family members, friends & neighbors.  Gift cards can  be reloaded at the register or Customer Service Desk at King Soopers for any amount up to $500.  The cards must be reloaded in a separate transaction prior to your groceries being scanned.  The gift cards are not redeemable for cash and will not be replaced if lost or stolen.

Example: When you load your card at the register with $100, you can purchase $100 in groceries.  King Soopers will give your student 5% back in a form of a check sent to the school.  The gift cards are linked to individual student accounts by the card numbers, and the money raised with be credited to the student accounts monthly.


How do I get a card(s)? Fill out a King Soopers Order Form and turn it in with payment ($5 each) to Mrs. Bird in the Performing Arts Office (U608).  This can be done by a student or parent. 


Where can I use my King Sooper Gift Cards?  They are accepted at most Kroger affiliated stores and gas stations.