Student Fundraising Program

The Performing Arts Department provides a wonderful opportunity for students to raise funds for their personal participation expenses.  As a student raises funds, the money accumulates and is set aside to be used to pay for eligible costs.  The balance carries over from year to year and can be passed on to a younger sibling.  The money, however, cannot be withdrawn as cash.

Student Accounts may be used for the following expenses:

  • School sponsored Performing Arts Trips
  • Concert Uniforms ordered through the school
  • Performing Arts Fees

Please see the policy statement below regarding student accounts.

Policy on Student Fundraising Accounts.pdf

Essentially, if you write a check to the GHS to pay for something in Performing Arts, you can use the money in the student account instead.

To use the funds, do the following:

The Performing Arts Department currently has two fundraising programs. Click on the above links to King Soopers and Scrip Gift Cards to find out more.